Network & Production Consulting

Stacy has been hired by dozens of television networks and production companies to work behind-the-scenes to provide crisis management, advice, support, and trainings for executives, staff, crew, talent, and program participants.

Stacy’s previous network and production experience includes:

-Meeting with network and production company staff to brainstorm possible therapeutic techniques and interventions for upcoming series

-Training production staff and crew on how to interface with series participants or talent who are dealing with traumatic or emotional issues and how to know when a situation should be reported to higher-ups and/or the authorities

This includes creating worksheets, being “on call” or “on set” as needed, and providing in-person, virtual, and telephone workshops

-Evaluating potential show participants/talent, including assessing emotional stability and determining those who may put themselves or the production at risk

-Managing issues and crises preventatively and as they arise, including talking with show participants as individuals or groups, providing advice, and giving support and/or referrals as needed

-Facilitating discussions and creating handouts for show participants to help them know what to expect with filming, airing, social media, etc. from a psychological and emotional perspective

-Attend potentially difficult meetings between producers/networks and talent to provide guidance and stability in discussing sensitive issues

-Providing support to any crew members triggered by emotional content revealed in filming or within the company or series itself

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